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Our experienced team will provide expert direction for your web project and our appreciation for detail means it will run smoothly during design, development, delivery, and beyond. Our secret is in the way we build websites, because at Yammayap we are smart enough to make the technology fit the design and not the other way around. This gives us impressive scope to be creative – to design exactly what you need and to then make it work perfectly.

Eye-catching websites that grab people’s attention

Firstly and most importantly, we extract as much information as possible from you in order to design a site map and navigation that best suits your business. Next, we create 3 design concepts and the preferred option is refined until all parties are satisfied, at which point the remaining key page layouts are produced.

From there the site is built, adding the required search engine structure, interaction and behaviour, before being integrated with a custom built content management system – allowing you (if you wish) to keep news articles, blog entries and event details up-to-date. We can even display your own or relevant 3rd party social media posts directly within the page content.

Special consideration for mobile device users

Mobile website design involves optimising your website for when it is viewed on smartphones, tablets and other devices that have a range of different screen sizes. This is achieved by creating what is known as a ‘responsive’ website interface that detects the screen size of the device your visitor is using, and responds by adjusting the layout in a manner that suits that particular device.

Keeping abreast of mobile website design is an ever-moving feast and our dedicated user interface (UI) developer is always looking for new ways to include relevant and realistic emerging technologies into the front end of our sites, giving your visitors the best experience possible. Everything from touch controls, to more efficient ways of displaying information on a range of screen sizes, we are on top of this vital component of your website design process.

Keeping your website relevant

A content management system (CMS) is a set of tools that gives you the ability to control text and pictures as well as adding additional pages to your website, all without the need for specialist knowledge. We tailor the CMS to your specific requirements, often taking a vanilla version of WordPress and creating extra modules designed to meet your specific needs. WordPress is easy to use and search engine friendly, making it the perfect choice for your CMS – plus it is free to acquire, there are no ongoing licensing costs and it is number one choice on the web, meaning you can pick it up and move it very easily.

Yammayap goes above and beyond

If your website needs something a little more complex, our development team have a deeper understanding of WordPress and PHP – the coding language behind content management systems – meaning we are able to venture further into bespoke systems than most others dare. While things like WordPress user permissions, SEO plugins, publishing and media management (to name just a few) are considered superior to most other systems available, knowing exactly how they work gives us the flexibility to alter things to suit a particular project, plus it also gives us the ability to create your own new features and add-ons, as if they had always been part of the CMS.

If you would like to talk to us about automating your business processes, building an online business or web design, we would be delighted to find out more about you so please call us on 01202 937793 or get in touch by clicking the button below.

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