Think Research

A sophisticated cost management and process automation tool

Think are a global Air Traffic Management and Airports consultancy based in Bournemouth. Its team of expert consultants operates across Europe and the Middle East delivering process management, simulation and procurement services to organisations considering upgrading their ATM infrastructure.

The Requirement

Think Research’s internal processes had developed organically as the team grew. As a consequence there was a lack of joined up thinking, with a prevalence of spreadsheets containing silos of data residing on individual’s computers, combined with a number 3rd services delivering specific (but still not joined up) functionality. As staff numbers increased, senior management decided it was time to implement a company-wide system, but were unable to find a single ‘off the shelf’ package that meet their requirements and therefore approached Yammayap to architect and deliver a bespoke solution.

The Approach

Interestingly, Think Research initially decided to test Yammayap’s capabilities with a small pilot project, which was delivered promptly and to budget! Following this, a discovery phase was undertaken with senior management and key personnel (representing sales, production and finance) drawing up a detailed requirements document with milestones and an agreed payment schedule. From there, an Agile methodology was adopted, whereby regular project team meetings were held to introduce new functionality and discuss upcoming work packages. During this process ongoing checklists, actions and discussions were recorded using Basecamp (an online project management tool). At the time of writing, the project is running to schedule with pilot testing underway and the companywide deployment scheduled for 6 weeks’ time.

The Result

Think Research now has a secure (single sign-on) solution resiliently delivered via an AWS-hosted website, database server and file storage. Delivering a ‘single version of the truth,’ all staff can view and manage project stages (opportunity/bid/contract) while both forecasting future costs and recording actual delivery costs in order for management to keep close control of budgets. In addition staff now have access to a centralised risk log and checklists which ensure best practice across all projects. A number of existing 3rd party solutions are scheduled to be discarded and previously manual tasks have been removed – including an integration with Xero (an online accounting system) which allows Project Managers to create draft invoices and Finance to approve and pay staff expenses via a totally electronic workflow.

“We have been able to replace our makeshift, home-made disparate systems with a single, integrated, custom built solution.  We have been able to cancel our “paid-for” subscriptions bringing instant savings and we have a single reference point for all aspects of our business from customer management, bid management, operations and finance.  The system not only integrates with our workflows and processes but improves them.  Our staff have full and instant access to all the information they need to make their jobs easier, to improve our operations and ultimately to increase efficiency and profitability.  It will change the way we do business” – Conor Mullan, Managing Director.

Additional Work

“We first worked with Yammayap on a small web application and it was through that experience that we started to see what a full Business Management System could do for us.  At that point we probably didn’t really know what we wanted but Yammayap’s experience in web based solutions and their clear desire to help us get the best solution meant our journey was educational, useful and enjoyable.  Having seen what results the new system brings, we are already thinking of more things Yammayap can do for us.  Their approach to the project, the professional yet comfortable interactions between the two companies and the value for money provided suggest that this will be the start of a long lasting relationship with the Yammayap team.”