Road Skills

An MVP online learning management system for an existing ‘real world’ business

The Road Skills management team has over 40 years’ experience of delivering expert consultancy and management process control to the road haulage industry, with an ethos of improving investment in driver training in order to enhance safety and reduce costs.

The Requirement

Road Skills’ existing FORS PASS paper-based management manual included a series of Toolbox Talks aimed at educating professional drivers about all aspects of their role – including topics such as the dangers of using mobile phones while driving, awareness of vulnerable road users and a driver’s fitness to drive. However hauliers were reticent about organising regular face-to-face training sessions to deliver these important messages, as it meant their fleets being of the road. Road Skills therefore required a subscription service into which haulage operators could enrol their drivers, in order for them to receive on-demand video-based training at a time to suit them individually.

The Approach

From early discussions is was immediately apparent that adopting an MVP approach was required in order to quickly assess the proposed solution’s commercial viability. As a result, a ‘pared down’ set of ‘must have’ features was drawn up and anything else was documented, but deferred to a later phase. This resulted in sub 3-month initial deliverable, which Road Skills then took to market testing it on a series of ‘tame’ pilot scheme users, before a broader launch at the start of month 4. Since then a few customer-driven features have been added – however now into its second year, the initial MVP is still operating well and generating consistent income.

The Result

The Road Skills solution comprises two sites, a WordPress-based marketing site and a separate bespoke learning management system which delivers new Toolbox Talks to drivers on a monthly basis. Each Toolbox Talk takes around 15 minutes to complete and contains 3 short training videos followed by a randomised 5 question assessment, which must be passed before the driver is permitted to continue their training. Each subscribed haulier sees a straightforward dashboard detailing every driver’s progression and summary data can be exported for inclusion in the regular audits required to achieve and maintain their operating licences. Yammayap also provides turnkey video production services (via a trusted 3rd party) and manages the upload of all content on a monthly basis.

Road Skills Online

We needed a partner to help us build our vision, Yammayap have delivered and continue to support us.

David Somers