Highworth Insurance

A highly adaptable CMS website;

Highworth Insurance is an established family company specialising in the provision of mid to high net worth home insurance. Technically innovative, they have enabled previously complex policies to be purchased easily online, minimising both hassle and premiums for their customers.

The Requirement

Highworth Insurance required a state of the art, highly adaptable CMS website and an instantly recognisable, carefully positioned brand and logo. We worked closely with the client and his SEO team to create a perfectly bespoke and highly functional CMS website.

The Approach

Branding the Highworth Insurance site required a delicate balance of design and understanding of the target markets. The brand needed to reflect the requirements of high to mid net worth home owners, whilst not aligning the client to one particular style or property type. We devised a simple, clean look and feel that has broad spectrum appeal and high-end connotations. We were able to interpret the client’s vision as well as accommodate the requests of the various teams and third parties who will be working with the website going forward.

The Result

“I chose Yammayap because of their fresh approach to design and they certainly didn’t disappoint. They have injected the site with a modern relevancy that has cross market appeal. This combined with the well thought out structure, has made the website a great success. I have been especially pleased with the corporate design they developed, which we now use across all our marketing materials.”

Additional Work

“The team at Yammayap have a talent for translating ideas and making the design and technical elements marry together flawlessly. The work they did in creating the Highworth Insurance brand meant it was the natural progression to use them to design our letterheads and business cards. Impressed with the coherency of the design, we went on to work together on flyers, advertisements and direct marketing materials. Throughout they have demonstrated a unique ability to combine practical implementation with superb design.”


Highworth Insurance

Yammayap have worked with us since our inception, from our branding, our website and now all our internal systems, they’ve repeatedly demonstrated their ability to understand our requirements and deliver.

Toby Green