Highcliffe Castle

Beauty and the Beast

The existing Highcliffe Castle website was suffering from a neglected structure and lack of clear signposting. The design was very simplistic and didn’t work well on mobile devices. The photography was outdated and the beauty of the Castle was not reflected in the website.

Better layout, beautiful imagery

Yammayap provided a set of new visual elements to best show off the castle, the structure of the site revised and the content collated and rewritten with a consist tone of voice.

The forms throughout the site collect custom information and deliver emails to different members of different teams.

The site is now fully responsive and fully customisable giving a clean, modern and professional framework.

Highworth Insurance

Yammayap have worked with us since our inception, from our branding, our website and now all our internal systems, they’ve repeatedly demonstrated their ability to understand our requirements and deliver.

Toby Green