Bank of England

A flexible CMS site, with an emphasis on engaging graphics;

The Bank of England Sports Centre is a perfect example of a great English tradition. The sports centre is ideally situated in Roehampton, London and offers members a wide range of indoor facilities, outdoor sports and social activities. Used by many organisations, the centre also specialises in events, weddings and offers an impressive itinerary for its younger members.

The Requirement

The challenge with this site was delivering exceptional user experience, in terms of both visual design and easy navigation for users. The sports centre offers a diverse range of activities and functions for members and non-members and so it had to appeal to both. It needed to serve two potential user groups; simultaneously acting as an information hub for members and a sales tool to advertise the various facilities available and encourage membership.

The Approach

We built this site with a lot of flexibility in terms of content, imagery and functionality. It was important for the client to be able to manage the site independently and really be able to utilise it as a sales tool. We worked with them closely throughout the design process. The old site was very flat and unengaging so we put a heavy emphasis on images, using multiple galleries to display everything the sports centre has to offer, alongside a catalogue of useful information for members on various clubs, lessons and events.

The Result

“We definitely made the right decision to use Yammayap. They have a very personal and enthusiastic approach; the whole process was good fun. I learnt a lot from working with Yammayap and especially the creative aspect has been an education. The use of Basecamp as a project management tool proved really useful for us and Yammayap kept the pace on the project from start to finish. We are pretty proud of our new website and it is definitely a lot more pleasurable to use.”

Additional Work

“Our work with Yammayap on our brand identity is ongoing. We are working together to develop our advertising online and in-print and they have already created our new pull-up banners and display banners onsite.”

Bank of England

We’re very proud of it. We have certainly noticed an increase in levels of enquiries through the website.

Karenza McCarthy
Business Development Manager