A versatile project management and financial reporting tool for this vibrant business

Our customer has a 75-person team and is rapidly expanding both here in the UK and abroad. Their business model requires accurate cost monitoring and financial reporting, in a highly competitive sector (hence the anonymity) featuring growing revenues but shrinking margins.

The Requirement

The client was using a myriad different Excel spreadsheets for planning and monitoring staff utilisation, which required dedicated staff just to maintain them on a day-to-day basis. In addition, calculating profit margins and making accurate cashflow projections was also proving problematic, so it was decided to enlist Yammayap’s assistance to deliver a bespoke business application within a tight six month schedule.

The Approach

The initial fixed-fee discovery phase (involving stakeholders from production, finance, IT and senior management) resulted in an extensive requirements document which described the core system functionality and included a delivery timeline with key milestones and associated staged payment points. An Agile delivery methodology was then adopted whereby small work packages were delivered and discussed at weekly project team meetings, allowing any misunderstandings and finer points of details to be quickly exposed and acted upon. During the delivery process, additional requirements beyond the initial project scope were agreed, resulting in an increased budget and an extension of the delivery deadline by one month. When it was time to commission the system, due to the complex interactions between its many facets, it was agreed that all users would start using it on the same day and Yammayap ensured their staff were on hand to address any teething problems that occurred – a process that went remarkably smoothly for all concerned.

The Result

Our customer now has a secure (2-factor authentication enabled) cloud-based solution providing access to a consistent experience for its staff across the globe. Producers are able to accurately schedule resources and forecast implementation costs, while individual members of staff can view their workload, book time-off and record time spent on both internal and external project work. Management have access to detailed operational and multi-currency financial reporting which compares benchmarked forecasts with live production data, allowing them to quickly address any issues arising. The solution has been well received and phase 2 has been planned and costed, and implementation is starting soon.