Solace Global

A content managed website designed to establish clients as market leaders;

Solace Global specialise in the provision of risk management and security services around the world. Their training division provides training to both contractors and clients. Established industry providers, 28000 ISO accredited and used globally by government agencies and multinational organisations, they are at the forefront of their specialist field.

The Requirement

As well as a requirement for a comprehensive content management system, Solace Global needed strong design and functionality to their website, to differentiate them from their competitors. At the time websites within the same industry sector were very similar and limited. Solace Global were keen to radically move away from this and to establish a market leading web presence.

The Approach

We provided 3 initial designs for the website, designed specically to enable them to stand head and shoulders above their competition. Our primary focus was on the incorporation of hero images as well as some very strong photography. We needed the design to convey the scope and scale of their operations, as well as the very technically aspect of their services.

The navigation was also a prime concern. An increased level of content meant creating quite a big and yet intuitive to navigate site, that was quick and easy to access.

The Result

“Right from the outset, we were very impressed with Yammayap. They provided us with an all encompassing price which was very reassuring and from their initial designs, we could see that they could deliver the dynamic shift in web presence we were looking for.”

“In terms of the design process they were fantastic; their response time was incredibly fast, any changes would be back within hours and as a result the project was completed ahead of schedule. We have had very positive feedback on the new website from clients and contractors alike and would most de nitely recommend Yammayap to anyone.”

Post Launch

“After designing our main website we then went onto work with Yammayap to create a microsite; Solace Global Training. This was also a great success, both in terms of design and technical functionality. We are now in the process of working together on an E-Learning provision. We have every con dence in Yammayap’s design and technical expertise and in years to come when the existing website needs refreshing, we will most definitely be using Yammayap again.”

Solace Global

We were incredibly impressed with Yammayap; their design, approach and interpretation of our brief were all spot on. Julie Morton, Marketing Manager

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Solace Global

A content managed website designed to establish clients as market leaders;

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