Bruin Financial

A bespoke recruitment solution integrating with legacy CRM

Founded in 2010, BRUIN Financial is a London-based independent financial services recruitment consultancy with around 50 employees. At the heart of the company is its CRM system, which allows consultants to administer around 12,000 candidate applications and 500 successful job placements a year.

The Requirement

In early 2014, BRUIN Financial’s Chief Financial Officer, Colin Webster identified a number of inefficiencies needing to be addressed. He explains, “Our desktop CRM solution has grown with us over the years, but during that time Internet communications have become a vital component of the business, and one that was not addressed using our CRM system alone.” BRUIN Financial was using a standalone website solution which meant significant duplication of effort when posting job listings online plus a large amount of copying and pasting when receiving candidate applications via email. Colin Webster continues, “It was very clear that by integrating our website with the CRM system, we could achieve significant administrative cost savings, while at the same time speeding up our processes and becoming even more competitive.”

The Solution

BRUIN Financial were introduced to Bournemouth-based online-application integration specialist Yammayap and they immediately embarked upon a two pronged approach. The first was to create an impactful, responsive and content-managed website, as Julia Smith, BRUIN Financial’s Group Marketing Manager explains, “We wanted a great looking website that reflects our progressive culture, especially focussing on women and graduates in the financial services industry. Coupled with this, we needed to make frequent updates to the site ourselves, whilst ensuring that content is easily consumed across the many different devices that candidates and clients are using.”

In parallel, Yammayap was working closely with the CRM software vendor, to extract the maximum benefit from the existing database API and to scope the additional functionality required to meet BRUIN Financial’s requirements. Yammayap also liaised with BRUIN Financial’s 3rd party hosting and IT partner to setup the necessary secure connectivity between the CRM and web servers, plus a standalone staging environment required to test modi cations during the build process. Colin Webster comments, “I am delighted by the manner in which Yammayap orchestrated communications between the various parties involved in delivering the complete solution. They took a pragmatic approach to problem solving and kept me very much in the loop, allowing me to apply just the right amount of pressure to achieve the desired result.”

The Benefits

Significantly reduced duplication of effort
Streamlined vetting of candidate applications
Replacing paper-based systems
More personalised website experience
Smooth transition process

Significantly reduced duplication of effort

The CRM integration delivered by Yammayap reduces website administration in two main areas. Firstly, jobs marked within the CRM system as being suitable for online publication are automatically displayed on the website, meaning staff no longer need to re-enter information into a separate system. Secondly, candidate applications received via the website are delivered directly into the CRM system and reviews automatically scheduled with the appropriate consultants. Colin Webster comments, “The amount of administration required to support posting jobs online and receiving candidate applications has been drastically reduced, which allows us to focus our resources on our customers, rather than endless copying and pasting of information. The result is that we are more responsive to candidates and significantly more attentive to our clients.”

Streamlined vetting of candidate applications

Previously, when online candidate applications were received, it was a very manual and long-winded process for their details to nd their way into the CRM system. The new, largely automated solution delivered by Yammayap, ensures candidate’s details are processed as quickly as possible. Colin Webster explains, “We are especially pleased with the solution Yammayap has developed in relation to candidate applications. Together, we spent a long time defining the exact matching and work ow processes that were required and we are delighted with the outcome. Human intervention has been minimised, but where it is needed the right questions are being answered by the right people, meaning that valuable resources are not wasted. As a consequence, we are identifying strong candidates more quickly and this gives us an excellent competitive advantage in a fierce marketplace.”

Replacing paper-based systems

Until recently, when candidates were invited in for interview they were required to complete several pages of paper-based questionnaire. Subsequently inputting this information into the CRM system was a time consuming task, plus a scan of the candidate’s signature was also required. Yammayap has created an electronic replacement for this process, allowing candidates to complete the questionnaire either using a tablet PC located in BRUIN Financial’s reception area or before they visit the office, by accessing a secure URL. The solution even allows the candidate to sign the declaration and then automatically stores the collected information within their CRM record. Colin Webster comments, “This has been an extremely useful addition to the main solution, it allows the team to gain detailed insight into candidates before they visit our office, meaning we can make the most of face-to-face meetings, rather than wasting everyone’s time filling in forms.”

More personalised website experience

Job search websites are often very dry and impersonal places to visit. BRUIN Financial wanted to overcome this by using information already stored within the CRM system. Job records have an associated responsible consultant, while each consultant has their contact details and photograph stored. By using this information to display the consultant’s details on a job page, candidates can instantly see who is looking after the position and their contact details, allowing the candidate to give them a call to discuss the position in more detail. Julia Smith states, “This simple step has proved very popular. Candidates are able to see who they are dealing with, making it a much more human interaction.”

Smooth transition process

An often overlooked portion of an integration project, is the transition from the old way of working to the new. Successfully migrating 20,000 website candidate records while maintaining user login credentials and website preferences and then matching these against 45,000 CRM candidate records was a difficult task in its own right – one which required close co-operation between BRUIN Financial and Yammayap. Julia Smith comments, “We recognised that the data migration process was potentially a mine eld for us. Yammayap carried out a series of trial transfers which ensured the transition was successfully concluded without any break in service. We are really pleased with the outcome.”

The Approach

We provided 3 initial designs for the website, designed especially to enable them to stand head and shoulders above their competition. Our primary focus was on the incorporation of hero images as well as some very strong photography. We needed the design to convey the scope and scale of their operations, as well as the very technically aspect of their services.

The navigation was also a prime concern. An increased level of content meant creating quite a big and yet intuitive to navigate site, that was quick and easy to access.

Road Skills Online

“Right from the outset, we were very impressed with Yammayap. They provided us with an all encompassing price which was very reassuring and from their initial designs, we could see that they could deliver the dynamic shift in web presence we were looking for.”
Colin Webster, Managing Director

What did BRUIN Financial Think?

“In terms of the design process they were fantastic; their response time was incredibly fast, any changes would be back within hours and as a result the project was completed ahead of schedule. We have had very positive feedback on the new website from clients and contractors alike and would most definitely recommend Yammayap to anyone.”

Colin Webster, BRUIN Financial.

Post Launch

Since the successful launch of the new website in January 2015, BRUIN Financial has continued its productive relationship with Yammayap. Further additions have improved work ow and facilitated richer reporting via the CRM system. Colin Webster concludes by saying, “We are delighted with the outcome of our collaboration with Yammayap, as proven by the fact we recently entered into a maintenance agreement with them, allowing us to plan future enhancements relating to our social media and digital marketing aspirations. We have enjoyed a fruitful partnership over many years.

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