About Yammayap

We have a passion for getting it right!

Having an open, round-table discussion at the start of the project, which includes the client, users and members of the delivery team, promotes a better understanding of everyone’s viewpoint and provides a consensus of what is required and how it will be achieved. This is then quickly documented, reviewed, signed-off and used as the blue-print for the project.

Prior to starting any design process, we encourage the completion of our design brief document. This helps you think about what it is you are trying to achieve and gives us guidance in the initial design process. Not all sections are required to be completed, the more information given, the more likely our concepts are to address all requirements.

Key Stages

The diagram below demonstrates the typical stages Yammayap goes through in order to produce a ‘live’ site. Throughout this process we seek regular reviews/comments from you to ensure the final deliverable is well received by all involved.

Our process